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Keyvan Kambakhsh keyvank @divar-ir Tehran, Iran - You want to ask, so ask. + Are you real? - Well, if you can't tell, does it matter?

keyvank/teletype.js 18

A hyper-text terminal for web browsers.

keyvank/pooljs 16

Browser computing unleashed!

finalitylabs/research 12

Finality Research

keyvank/i3dml 11

The .Net Framework implementation of the i3DML project.

keyvank/tracy 11

A simple open-source 3D engine written fully in C++

finalitylabs/pymst 4

A Merkle-Sum-Tree implementation in Python

keyvank/pyglare 4

A simple Python RayTracer

keyvank/pyrove 2

A toy zkSNARKs library in Python

keyvank/chip8emu 1

CHIP-8 Emulator written in C++11 and SDL


started time in 23 days


started time in a month