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kevinvkell/AITF 0

Prevents DDOS attacks.

kevinvkell/BioVis-Data-Lab 0

Parses UCI Zoo Dataset

kevinvkell/distributed_shell 0

server.c executes requests sent by client.c

kevinvkell/fun-times 0

Messing around with D3js

kevinvkell/game-of-life 0

plays the game of life using processing.

kevinvkell/openflow-for-life 0

Simulates an OpenFlow Network in Mininet to compare various ways of rerouting packets through an IDS.

kevinvkell/project-nutella 0

streams ASCII movies

kevinvkell/protein-sequence-comparator 0

Rates the similarities between protein sequences.

kevinvkell/rm_2.0 0

An alternative version of rm that moves deleted files to designated trash can

kevinvkell/simple-db-4-life 0

Some improvements on the training database SimpleDB