kevinlawler/fastscrolling 25

Code from "Fast Scrolling in Tweetie with UITableView" blog post (unofficial)

kevinlawler/hkex-matching-engine-with-kdb 18

HKEx Stock Exchange Matching Engine with KDB+ and Q

kevinlawler/High-Frequency-Trading-Model-with-IB 4

A high-frequency trading model using Interactive Brokers API with pairs and mean-reversion in Python

kevinlawler/java-twitterbot 4

A cron-like Java webservice that tweets text retrieved from a specified URL

kevinlawler/edma 1

Exponentially decaying moving averages paper

kevinlawler/ForrstAPI 1

An iOS objective-C wrapper for

kevinlawler/fwd 1

Google Chrome Extension Boilerplate

kevinlawler/glean 1

lightweight search engine for local text docs

kevinlawler/iOS-App-Performance-Cheatsheet 1

A collection of code substitutions and configurations that can improve Objective-C code performance on iOS.


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fork kevinlawler/jq

jq, an implementation of q on the JVM

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fork kevinlawler/vim-orgmode

Text outlining and task management for Vim based on Emacs' Org-Mode

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