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kevinastone/django-api-rest-and-angular 812

An example repository of combining Django Rest Framework with AngularJS

kevinastone/django-model-behaviors-example 56

Example implementations of Django Model Behavior abstractions.

kevinastone/django-descriptors 17

Demonstration of using Python Descriptors to Enhance Django Models and Fields

kevinastone/atom-grammar-test 14

Grammar testing framework for atom based on syntax test files

kevinastone/dotfiles 6

Collection of configuration files.

kevinastone/django-cursor-pagination 2

Cursor based Pagination and Iteration for Django Querysets

kevinastone/Django-facebook 1

Facebook open graph api implementation using the Django web framework in python

kevinastone/django-rest-framework 1

Django REST framework makes it easy to build well-connected, self-describing RESTful Web APIs.

kevinastone/absinthe 0

The GraphQL toolkit for Elixir


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allow user g code syntax

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get g code syntax file name

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DOCS: add g code syntax option

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