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Kentaro0919 kentaro0919 Tokyo Interested in Python, Masonite, Django, Elm

kentaro0919/100-days-of-code 0

Fork this template for the 100 days journal - to keep yourself accountable

kentaro0919/cloudstack-cloudmonkey 0

Apache Cloudstack Cloudmonkey running on python3 - not yet!!

kentaro0919/cookiecutter-elm 0

Elm based cookiecutter with basic html example

kentaro0919/cookiecutter-pypackage 0

Cookiecutter template for a Python package.

kentaro0919/core 0

Main pip package location for Masonite

kentaro0919/craft 0

Craft command line tool

kentaro0919/django-danceschool 0

Django CMS project with comprehensive features for running a partnered social dance school

kentaro0919/DjangoConJP 0