kensiprell/grails-atmosphere-meteor 24

Grails plugin for integrating the Atmosphere Framework

abeade/browser-websocket-client 18

Browser WebSocket Client is an extension for Chrome that provides a simple method for testing a WebSocket server. It allows you to send and receive raw JSON messages as well as save server URLs, protocols, and messages for later use.

kensiprell/bootstrap-framework 13

Gradle plugin for integrating the Bootstrap Framework and Font Awesome

kensiprell/grails-atmosphere-meteor-sample 10

Sample Application for the Grails atmosphere-meteor Plugin

kensiprell/grails-drools 9

Grails plugin for integrating Drools

kensiprell/bootstrap-framework-sample 7

Sample application for the bootstrap-framework Gradle plugin

kensiprell/grails-drools-sample 2

Sample Application for the Grails Drools Plugin

kensiprell/cypress-test-tiny 0

Tiny Cypress E2E test case

kensiprell/geb-multibrowser 0

Mutlibrowser support for Geb testing library