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kellyi/nasm-gcc-container 14

Debian container for writing Assembly & C programs

kellyi/distantreading 4

Some text analysis tools in Haskell

kellyi/katas 4

Programming exercises in Elixir, Haskell, Erlang et cetera

kellyi/LeapDemoSwift 4

Trying the Leap Motion Objective-C SDK with Swift & SpriteKit

kellyi/clj-lisp-sandbox 3

Exercises from functional programming books in Clojure, Common Lisp, and Scheme

kellyi/react-sentiment-analyzer 3

Web app to do text sentiment analysis using wink-sentiment & TensorFlow.js

kellyi/dotfiles 1

dotfiles & utility scripts

kellyi/OnTheMap 1

Third iOS Developer Nanodegree project

kellyi/advent-of-clj 0

Programming puzzles in Clojure


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