Keith Chambers keithchambers Microsoft Seattle Principal Product Management Lead Yammer, Office 365

keithchambers/cloud-patterns-00-bake-vm-image 1

Bake VM images for reliable cloud native deployments.

keithchambers/el7-packer 1

Build minimal Enterprise Linux 7 image with Packer

keithchambers/amazon-ecs-agent 0

Amazon EC2 Container Service Agent

keithchambers/centos7-autoinstall-iso 0

Script to create automatically installing CentOS 7 ISO

keithchambers/consul-package 0

RPM packaging for consul.

keithchambers/cp-docker-images 0

Docker images for Confluent Platform.

keithchambers/dcos-commons 0

Simplifying stateful services

keithchambers/DistCPPlus 0

An improvement on the Hadoop distcp tool

keithchambers/docker 0

Docker - the open-source application container engine