kayvink/Swift-ParallaxBlur 12

This is a little animation I wrote today. It blurs the background image and adds a parallax effect.

hughrawlinson/goldlab-website 0

Website for GoldLab, Goldsmiths society

kayvink/Break-Out 0

Break Out in Processing

kayvink/google-authenticator 0

Open source version of Google Authenticator (except the Android app)

kayvink/iOSOAuthDemo 0

iOS OAuth Demo Project

kayvink/kinect 0

A repository for Kinect experiments

kayvink/Locksmith 0

A sane way to work with the iOS Keychain in Swift.

kayvink/Music-Space 0

Creative Computing project 1

kayvink/Nocilla 0

Testing HTTP requests has never been easier. Nocilla: Stunning HTTP stubbing for iOS and Mac OS X.