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katesuyu/joule.kak 5

A colorscheme inspired by Ayu, enhanced by its own unique flare.

minierolls/termelot 5

Cross-platform cell-based terminal library.

katesuyu/advent-of-code 3

Advent of Code solutions

katesuyu/termcon 3

Cross-platform terminal manipulation library written in Zig.

katesuyu/zzz.kak 3

Kakoune syntax highlighting for the zzz data format

katesuyu/dotfiles 2

Personal dotfiles for backup and reference purposes.

katesuyu/ctregex.zig 0

Compile time regular expressions in zig

katesuyu/janet.kak 0

Barebone Janet language plugin for Kakoune editor

katesuyu/zig 0

General-purpose programming language and toolchain for maintaining robust, optimal, and reusable software.

katesuyu/zig-upaya 0

Zig-based framework for creating game tools and helper apps