Daniel Sunnerek kardan Gothenburg, Sweden Mostly Clojure over at @akvo - in my spare time I'm running in circles and herding Sunnereks.

kardan/taxa 2

An experiment in hierarchical domain logic

kardan/akvo-notifications 1

business events -> user notifications

kardan/mochiweb 1

MochiWeb is an Erlang library for building lightweight HTTP servers.

kardan/webmachine 1

A REST-based system for building web applications.

akvo/public-bucket 0

kardan/akvo-lumen 0

Make sense of your data

kardan/akvo-rsr 0

Akvo Really Simple Reporting

kardan/catacumba 0

Asynchronous web toolkit for clojure built on top of Ratpack / Netty

kardan/clojure-site 0 site

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Daniel Sunnerek

commit sha 208242d09435efcd4df19335f27373f7d65ce4b8

Issue with conditional tag in macro

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Daniel Sunnerek

commit sha 06f623d044a1a7b7df3ad027dace4bf63971a899

Added .iml files to gitignore

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Daniel Sunnerek

commit sha 233ba3cf38cc5aea359383af1bef0eda3dd44d43

Rework of core namespace and start on the extended API. Everything is still in the air and try to make some progress while on parental leave...

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