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kapilratnani/JSON-Viewer 434

A JSON viewer plugin for Notepad++. Displays the selected JSON string in a tree view.

kapilratnani/django_hana 20

[Discontinued] Django db backend for SAP HANA

kapilratnani/DocIt 10

A plugin for Notepad++, which aids in documentation. It generates documentation templates for functions. Supports C/CPP, Java and PHP

kapilratnani/chunky 2

Python module to read and write files in numbered chunks.

kapilratnani/pgfire 2

A Firebase like real time database based on Postgresql. Leverages the JSON data type and Listen/Notify constructs of postgresql.

kapilratnani/Carrom 1

Carrom game for android

kapilratnani/hanasqlscriptformatter 1

Eclipse plugin for formatting SAP HANA SQLScript. Can be used with SAP HANA Studio.

kapilratnani/react-datepicker 1

A simple and reusable datepicker component for React

kapilratnani/sqlf 1

SQL formatter

gauravnavgire/ggjblr 0

Wee team @Global Game Jam Bngalore

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Kapil Ratnani

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fix lock upgrade to allow unlock while upgrading

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Kapil Ratnani

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fix btree tests

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Kapil Ratnani

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project 4 tests passing

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issue commentkapilratnani/JSON-Viewer

Auto highlight after formatting.

I think this was done in 1.4. The language type changes to json on formatting.


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Double click object in JSON Viewer, jump to related key in notepad window

I would like this feature too. If someone can offer some help here, that would be great.


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add jsonviewer 1.4 release

Thanks @chcg for taking care of this.


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fix sha 256
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fix sha 256

Thanks for the PR @gurikbal . It seems @chcg fixed the sha256 himself and merged it.


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issue closedkapilratnani/JSON-Viewer

Notepad 7.8.7 crashes after clicking Show JSON Viewer on specific input

Steps to reproduce

  1. Install JSON Viewer 1.34
  2. Open a new file
  3. Type in "true"
  4. Click Show JSON Viewer in the plugins menu

Expected outcome: Notepad++ would show me the JSON viewer (or let me know it cannot display it for this input) Actual outcome: Notepad++ closes, I guess as the result of a crash

Format JSON works fine, no errors displayed.

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