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pl-semiotics/rM-vnc-server 75

Damage-tracking VNC server for the reMarkable tablet

pl-semiotics/nix-remarkable 39

Nix expressions for tools for the reMarkable tablet

pl-semiotics/mxc_epdc_fb_damage 16

Userspace access to framebuffer damage information on i.MX6

pl-semiotics/gst-libvncclient-rfbsrc 1

Modified gstreamer rfbsrc based on libvncclient

kamidon/auth-password-store 0

Integrate Emacs' auth-source with password-store

kamidon/browserpass 0

Chrome & Firefox browser extension for pass, a UNIX password manager.

kamidon/full-fledged-hledger 0

Hledger setup with multi-year files, multi-source imports and a range of auto-generated reports

kamidon/hydra 0

make Emacs bindings that stick around

kamidon/loccur 0

loccur is Emacs minor mode for navigating through the file like occur does, but without opening a new window.

kamidon/magithub 0

Magit interfaces for GitHub

issue commentNixOS/nixpkgs

services.emacs.package does not add packages from main package set

I think the problem here is that the elisp is in a separate output. Try:

services.emacs.package = pkgs.emacsWithPackages (epkgs: [
  ] ++ (with epkgs.melpaStablePackages; [
      # Melpa packages you want.

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