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NadjibSb/SayaraDz-EE-Mobile 1

The mobile side of Sayara-Dz project : a vehicle online store android application using Android Architecture Components

kami23/js-xlsx 0

:green_book: SheetJS Community Edition -- Spreadsheet Parser and Writer

kami23/KnapSack_algorithm_multiply_constrained_le_probleme_du_sac_a_dos_ 0

multiply constrained knapsack problem, multidimensional knapsack problem, or m-dimensional knapsack problem for a concrete example. (Français: Le problème du sac à dos et son application à un exemple concret en 3D)

kami23/ML-React-App-Template 0

This is a template for creating a Machine Learning application with its front-end developed using React which interacts with a Flask service as the back-end and makes predictions.

kami23/react-csv-viewer 0

React Component for Uploading and Viewing your CSV File as a table

kami23/react-export-excel 0

Export dataset in react.


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fork Taym95/react-native-skia

Cross platform React Native solution to draw graphics based on Skia

fork in 2 months


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started time in 2 months