Jonathan Willing jwilling Bay Area iOS & macOS developer. I'm passionate about user interfaces.

jwilling/JNWSpringAnimation 1018

Spring physics for Core Animation.

jwilling/JWFolders 648

Implementation of iOS 6's folders.

jwilling/JNWCollectionView 524

Customizable and performant collection view for the Mac.

jwilling/JNWAnimatableWindow 168

Animate NSWindow using a layer.

jwilling/JNWLabel 38

Light-weight CATextLayer wrapper for OS X.

jwilling/XcodeLayerBacking 37

Force Xcode to use a layer-backed window.

jwilling/JWSplitView 22

A constraint-based replacement for NSSplitView.

jwilling/WWDC--13-Scholarship-App 13

Demonstrates a custom JNWCollectionView layout.

jwilling/JNWScrollView 10

A scroll/clip view with better animations.

jwilling/TUISplitView 10

A split view for TwUI.


started time in 6 days