ibmtjbot/tjbot 442


Entanglion/entanglion 381

The world's first open source quantum computing board game

jweisz/tjbot-playground 31

Swift Playground for interacting with TJBot

ibmtjbot/tjbotlib 26

Node.js library that abstracts basic functions for TJBot.

jweisz/tjbot-daemon 7

TJBot bluetooth daemon

jweisz/swifty-tj 4

Create TJBot recipes in Swift!

jweisz/twitter-wave 2

Enhanced Twitter monitoring recipe for TJBot

Entanglion/entanglion-spoe 1

Space Pirates expansion for Entanglion

jweisz/tjbot-striplight 1

Adds support for a NeoPixel RGB LED strip light to TJBot

push eventibmtjbot/tjbotlib

Justin Weisz

commit sha b2652d393a98d04ee230ad7f2472dcc8eca5e580

first cut at an updated 2.0 release that supports the latest ibm cloud SDK. this code is completely untested. :)

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