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headius/jruby-pg 71

A JRuby version of the "pg" gem.

cloudfoundry-samples/logging-route-service 14

A sample route service written in Go.

jvshahid/buildr-dependency-extensions 10

A Buildr extension that enables transitive dependency resolution by default.

jvshahid/bitescript 1

The BiteScript API and language

jvshahid/buildr 1

Mirror of Apache Buildr

jvshahid/cassandra 1

Mirror of Apache Cassandra (incubating)

jvshahid/clojure 1

The Clojure programming language

jvshahid/clojure-maven-plugin 1

Apache Maven Mojo for compiling clojure scripts to class files

andrew-edgar/influxdb-firehose-nozzle 0

CF component to forward metrics from the Loggregator Firehose to DataDog

andrew-edgar/influxdb-firehose-nozzle-release 0

Bosh release for influxdb-firehose-nozzle