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Stefan Thomas justmoon @coilhq San Francisco Open-source developer and distributed systems advocate. Currently working on @interledger / @interledgerjs.

dryphp/bitcoin.php 226

Bitcoin library for PHP.

interledgerjs/moneyd 105

Connect your machine to the Interledger

interledger-deprecated/ilp-plugin-bitcoin-paychan 24

ILP ledger plugin for simple unidirectional Bitcoin payment channels

codius-deprecated/codius-host-mvp 21

MVP for a next-gen Codius host

interledgerjs/koa-ilp 9

Koa middleware to create paid HTTP endpoints in seconds

interledgerjs/ilp-plugin-mini-accounts 7

Plugin that implements a mini ephemeral ledger

coilhq/cog 6

Cogs for codius

justmoon/bzing 6

Experimental block chain storage library (in development)

emschwartz/ilp3 5

An implementation of Interledger V3

justmoon/chalkmark 5

Markup for the console - convert HTML-like tags to ANSI escape sequences