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Justin van Wees justinvw Nelson Schoenen Amsterdam, The Netherlands

justinvw/pyexist 3

A Python API around eXist-db

justinvw/tournee 2

A Croogo/CakePHP event calendar plugin for managing tours and performances of artists

justinvw/kieken 1

A Croogo/CakePHP gallery plug-in (that is not yet ready for use in a production environment!)

justinvw/click-datetime 0

Datetime type support for click.

justinvw/documentation 0

Mailgun Documentation

justinvw/file-uploader 0

Multiple file upload plugin with progress-bar, drag-and-drop.

justinvw/locale 0

Localization for Croogo

justinvw/officiele-bekendmakingen-scraper 0

Scrapes the search result pages of using Scrapy, and downloads the XML documents it may find along it's way.


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