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jtamagnan/hangups.el 19

A package to allow sue of hangups_cli

jtamagnan/magit-reviewboard 16

Magit Reviewboard

jtamagnan/hangups_cli 9

Command line interface for hangups by tdryer

jtamagnan/ghi.el 2

Emacs interface for ghi command-line tool

grahamallen/falling-boxes 1

A game for Indie Train Jam 2017

jtamagnan/minibuffer-stats.el 1

Emacs package to move repetitive information from the mode-line to the minibuffer area when the minibuffer is idle

jtamagnan/ace-window 0

Quickly switch windows in Emacs

jtamagnan/color-theme-sanityinc-tomorrow 0

A set of Emacs color themes based on Chris Kempson's 'tomorrow' themes

jtamagnan/delphixpy-examples 0

Scripts leveraging the delphixpy module to be used in Enterprise Automation (i.e. Jenkins, Travis, SNOW Orchestration, etc)

fork jtamagnan/onelogin-aws-cli

Assume an AWS Role and cache credentials using Onelogin

fork in 11 days