Johan Stuyts jstuyts Squins IT Solutions Roosendaal, the Netherlands

argparse4j/argparse4j 221

Java port of Python's famous argparse command-line argument parser.

jstuyts/kotlin-multiplatform-recipes 78

Recipes for building multi-platform Kotlin modules.

jstuyts/Secure-WinRM-Manual 2

A manual to set up a fully certificate-based WinRM system.

jstuyts/windows-update-drivers 2

A (very basic) command line application to update drivers using Windows Update, as the automatic updates do not update drivers.

squins/ooverkommelig 1

Manageable dependency injection for Kotlin

jstuyts/CollapseRx1 0

CollapseRx1 is a fork of Hystrix with everything but the collapsing removed.

jstuyts/Elko 0

Elko -- A server framework for stateful, sessionful applications in the web

jstuyts/hs3-auto-start-and-gracefully-stop 0

Script to configure Windows so HomeSeer 3 starts automatically and is stopped gracefully


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issue commentargparse4j/argparse4j

A way to set where argparse4j will printing to (it seem i cant find any method for setting output)

What output do you see? I could not find anything hard-coded to use output besides the 2 cases mentioned above.


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issue commentargparse4j/argparse4j

A way to set where argparse4j will printing to (it seem i cant find any method for setting output)

You can pass a PrintWriter to printUsage(...), printHelp(...) and printVersion(...). But there are 2 cases where the standard output will still be used:

  • Using HelpArgumentAction (either directly, or indirectly by calling ArgumentParserBuilder.addHelp(...) with a value of true, or getting the instance from
  • Using VersionArgumentAction (either directly, or indirectly by getting the instance from Arguments.version()).

The 2 classes (and the related helper methods) above can be extended to also support a PrintWriter as a parameter.


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push eventjstuyts/Elko

Johan Stuyts

commit sha d6a1b8fa2ec7d39a5a6c0b8e10029423ced840e3

Version upgrades.

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Johan Stuyts

commit sha 6a64c3b5f47ae26094b6e1ea7dc313db5eae994d

Version upgrades.

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Johan Stuyts

commit sha 2aa43bf97e5ea5cd933084490ae0fc39a98749f1

Removed unneeded non-null assertion.

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Johan Stuyts

commit sha d18864aaa29914c50edcb9ccfbd074a45d3d0498

Version upgrades.

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issue openedw3c/i18n-drafts

Control Codes question: mismatch between table and explanation below it

The table at indicates that C1 is not supported in (X)HTML. But the second bullet below the table seems to imply that it is:

HTML, XHTML and XML 1.0 [...]. The C1 range is supported, i.e. you can encode the controls directly or represent them as NCRs (Numeric Character References).

Shouldn't the last sentence say that C1 is supported in XML only?

Or maybe the sentence can be moved to the third bullet that already talks about C1 support for XML 1.1. The third bullet could explain C1 support for all XML versions.

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issue openedMaterializeInc/materialize

PostgreSQL JDBC 42.3.0 results in error because initial statements moved to inside transaction

What version of Materialize are you using?


How did you install Materialize?

  • [X] Docker image
  • [ ] Linux release tarball
  • [ ] APT package
  • [ ] macOS release tarball
  • [ ] Homebrew tap
  • [ ] Built from source
  • [ ] Materialize Cloud

What was the issue?

When I upgrade to version 42.3.0 of the PostgreSQL JDBC driver, Materialize returns the following error:

ERROR: SET extra_float_digits = 3 cannot be run inside a transaction block

The initial statements run by the driver were moved to inside a transaction in this pull request:

Is the issue reproducible? If so, please provide reproduction instructions.

Yes, connect to Materialize using the driver version given above.

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