js/JKSMoviePlayerController 46

AVFoundation based movie playback view and controller for AppKit

js/simple-mmap 6

A simplistic ruby interface for reading memory mapped files

js/CocoaHoedown 3

Render HTML from Markdown

js/EasedGradient 3

Easily create eased gradients to avoid the "Mach Banding" optional illusion of plain linear gradients

js/mobility-name-generator 2

js/AFNetworking 1

A delightful iOS and OS X networking framework

js/BGHUDAppKit 1

* BGHUDAPPKIT is no longer under development by me, I hope that the community will keep it alive and going as I no longer have time to dedicate to the project** The missing HUD controls. Please scroll down to read the readme file for an important notice concerning the future of BGHUDAppKit. Note that there are multiple versions available, 10.5+, 10.6.7, and now 10.7. As soon as I learn how I'll make these all one code base if possible.

js/EstimatedCompletionTime 1

Test implementation of two simple algorithms for estimating the time remaining of an opague task

js/JKSToolkit 1

General classes and categories for the various Cocoa frameworks. There are many like it but this one is mine.

js/LetsMove 1

A sample that shows how to move a running Mac application to the /Applications directory


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