John Allen jra3 @facebook New York, NY Dad, coder, tinkerer, noun-list-composer.

jra3/eodscrapers 2

A set of scripts to grab the end of day prices given a stock's ticker symbol.

jra3/lsp-pyre 2

An Emacs LSP client for python using lsp-mode and pyre.

jra3/dot-emacs 1

My portable emacs configuration.

jra3/ohhello 1

If you are a recruiter trying to contact me, I am going to ignore your email. I prefer to talk to engineers. Make a pull request against this repo if you want to get my attention.

jra3/arcanist 0

Command line interface for Phabricator

jra3/asm_prog_ex 0

Exercises for Assembly language course

jra3/bcc 0

BCC - Tools for BPF-based Linux IO analysis, networking, monitoring, and more

jra3/cubism 0

Cubism.js: A JavaScript library for time series visualization.

jra3/datasharing 0

The Leek group guide to data sharing