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smart-on-fhir/health-cards 136

Health Cards Framework: implementation guide and supporting material

jpp9/whiteoakproject 2

starter repo for work on R (meta)modeling toolkit

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Health Tech, Data, and Systems

jpp9/health-cards 0

Health Cards Framework: implementation guide and supporting material

jpp9/vci-directory 0

[WIP] Holds membership information for SHC issuers that are part of the VCI ( Directory.

issue commentthe-commons-project/vci-directory

VCI directory missing issuers allowed by Commons project verifier android app

thank you both for these comments- i hear you on the confusion. issuers request to be added to the VCI Directory by completing an attestation form and meeting the criteria described in the readme and agreement docs in the repo. the criteria don't account for the longer tail of issuers, but we hope represent a good starting point as we figure out what this directory should be and how it will be used. we do encourage everyone who fits to join, but haven't gotten 100% buy in (yet).

the SMART Health Card Verifier app does rely on the CommonTrust Network, which is based on the VCI Directory, but also proactively includes some legitimate orgs issuing proper SMART Health Cards who haven't yet joined VCI Directory for whatever reason. if you're issuing SMART Health Cards and want to be included in CommonTrust Network, you can provide info here:



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issue commentthe-commons-project/vci-directory

Missing communication around major changes.

thank you! yeah, absolutely, and also apologies for the flux. this directory will be an iterative process over the next couple of weeks as we onboard hundreds of (or more!) issuers. per your and other’s comments in issues, we have a bit of work to do in consistently labeling and defining the entities listed so that the directory is clear and workable for everyone. appreciate your patience as we work through it and we will communicate publicly in VCI outlets and on as we nail things down.


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[WIP] Holds membership information for SHC issuers that are part of the VCI ( Directory.

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Update Added link to SMART brand guidance attestation form

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