Joseph Poirier jpoirier Nokia Irving, TX

cyoung/stratux 653

Aviation weather and traffic receiver based on RTL-SDR.

jpoirier/gortlsdr 82

A Go wrapper for librtlsdr (a driver for Realtek RTL2832U based SDR's)

jpoirier/cpu 20

A Go package that reports processor topology

jpoirier/algorithms 12

Go language implementation of selected algorithms from the "Algorithms in a Nutshell" book. The source code attempts to follow, as closely as possible, the algorithm pseudocode from the book. This is an ongoing project

jpoirier/goNI488 9

A Go wrapper around National Instruments NI488.2 General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB) driver.

jpoirier/AHRS 5

Open source AHRS to drive cockpit displays (for fun only!)

jpoirier/gich 4

A cross platform which utility written in Go

jpoirier/cr_lib 3

cr_lib is a (very) simple, portable, cooperative multitasking environment using coroutines.

jpoirier/emacs-init 2

my emacs stuff

jpoirier/hwio 2

Go library for hardware I/O control, in the programming style of Arduino