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My thesis -Done!

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Cartographer is a system that provides real-time simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) in 2D and 3D across multiple platforms and sensor configurations.

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Disputation Slide Show

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Point Cloud Library (PCL)

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A repository to start using the second version of the apriltag algorithm

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A ROS sensor driver for the Azure Kinect Developer Kit.

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Blender Sensor Simulation

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Caffe: a fast framework for deep learning. For the most recent version checkout the dev branch. For the latest stable release checkout the master branch.

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How can I train trt_pose on multi-GPU?

For reference, I just added: model = torch.nn.DataParallel(model) after the amp initialization in and it uses multiple gpus. It looks like I'm not constrained by the data loader though, so I don't think that's being parallelized properly. @kinglintianxia did you do anything else for this?


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issue openedNVIDIA-AI-IOT/trt_pose

Training non-square aspect ratios


I've managed to get training up and running without issue as long as I keep image_shape square. If I try to change it something like [480,272] I get an error like the following: RuntimeError: The size of tensor a (128) must match the size of tensor b (64) at non-singleton dimension 2

Is it possible to train on non-square aspect ratios, and if so, what parameters do I need to adjust to do this? If not, what's the recommended way of using the network on input data that isn't square? Should I crop images to square, or does the network expect squished people because of training and I should just pass it a squished image?


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issue commentNVIDIA-AI-IOT/trt_pose

Model description

+1 could you give more info on target_shape? In particular, if I train with a non-square aspect ratio, should I keep target_shape square, or adjust it so both dimensions remain 0.25*image_dim



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Epoch save fix

Simple fix that corrects the save checkpoint behavior at the end of epochs - the current version checks iter.

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Jeremie Papon

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Fix for forgetting to check save start

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NVIDIA PyTorch GAN library with distributed and mixed precision support

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Other Resolutions in SPADE

Excellent, thank you!


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issue commentNVlabs/imaginaire

Other Resolutions in SPADE

Training a new model with 512 or 1024 on the smallest side. The model seems to train fine, but the samples saved every image_save_iter come out blank.

Same data and configuration (other than the different smallest side and crop) trains and outputs sample images just fine at 256.


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issue openedNVlabs/imaginaire

Other Resolutions in SPADE


Trying out the SPADE model in this library, and it works fine at 256x256. If I adjust the resize_smallest_side in base128_bs4.yaml to one of the other two values allowed in (512 or 1024), my generated images always turn out blank white.

Any idea why? Is there some other setting I need to adjust?

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3.0 models in ROS/LibTorch

Excellent @ranftlr thank you! I will test this on Friday.


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