Joaquim Pedro Antunes jpantunes Stork & Crow B.V. Europe IT Architect, Blockchain and Ethereum smart contract developer, cryptoeconomics enthusiast

jpantunes/awesome-cryptoeconomics 1093

An awesome curated list of Cryptoeconomic research and learning materials

raineorshine/solgraph 699

Visualize Solidity control flow for smart contract security analysis. :dollar: ⇆ :dollar:

jpantunes/cypherpunk-research 7

This repository is essentially for compiling information about Cypherpunks, the history of the movement, and the people/events of note.

jpantunes/EthereumHacking 7

solidity smart-contract CTFs and wargames solved for fun and profit

jpantunes/Ethdev-RPS 4

Home for the Rock Paper Scissor Project of the /r/ethdev hackathon

Freeelio/electraseed-fund 3

This is the public repository of Electraseed Fund, a project in incubation with the EU Venture Builder Programme NGI Ledger.

jpantunes/ethereum-developer-tools-list 3

A guide to available tools and platforms for developing on Ethereum.

jpantunes/awesome-remote-job 1

A curated list of awesome remote jobs and resources. Inspired by

jpantunes/code 1

👾 Implementation of cryptoeconomics coding project

jpantunes/ethereum-etl 1

Python scripts for ETL (extract, transform and load) jobs for Ethereum blocks, transactions, ERC20 / ERC721 tokens, transfers, receipts, logs, contracts, internal transactions


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