Jiayong Ou jou @beekpr Switzerland Doer of things and stuff

jou/jquery.tap.js 9

Eavesdrop on jQuery à la Ruby's Object#tap

gevgeny/grunt-glob-html 8

Add globbing to your HTML

jou/chrome-jsblacklist 7

JavaScript Blacklist extension for chrome

jou/jekyll 4

Jekyll is a blog-aware, static site generator in Ruby

jou/slightly-less-s5 2

Generate S5 slideshow from Markdown

jou/.vim 1

My Vim configuration

jou/dnsbl-client 1

queries various DNS Blacklists

jou/ffi-icu 1

Simple FFI wrappers for things I need from ICU.

jou/HBasePS 1

HBase Prospective Search