Joseph Anthony Pasquale Holsten josephholsten Burlington, WA, 98233 @sous-chefs founder, journeyman human being

jordansissel/fpm 10254

Effing package management! Build packages for multiple platforms (deb, rpm, etc) with great ease and sanity.

josephholsten/always_be_contributing 3

Counts who has contributing most to your orginization on Github.

josephholsten/about-uri-scheme 2

Internet Draft for the About URI Scheme

josephholsten/bin 1

~/.bin - where my scripts go

josephholsten/1password-cookbook 0

Git Repository for my 1password cookbook

josephholsten/1Password-Plugin 0

A 1Password plugin for Quicksilver that implements 'Go & Fill...' for 1Password Login Items and manipulation of other 1Password data such as Secure Notes, Software, Wallet Items and Identities

josephholsten/activerecord-sqlserver-adapter 0

SQL Server Adapter For Rails

josephholsten/agshoes 0

home sweet home

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Compilation error with GCC

A brief search shows me this is at least correct for Linux. Need to confirm this is correct for illumos and bsd system types. @mohammad-akhlaghi want to draft the changeset for this, or shall I?


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