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Jordi Collell jordic Barcelona, ES mostly programmer, also devops. python: django, plone, zope, asyncio, guillotina, starlette... go javascript: react, angular, node

jordic/file_server 173

Portable filebrowser with mobile ui ( html5 + go )

jordic/fastapi_asyncpg 18

asyncpg integration for fastapi

jordic/boltxpl 8

boltdb explorer

aaloy/motor 5

Motor de reservas web para hoteles y cadenas hoteleras

guillotinaweb/guillotina_react 5

A Management interface for Guillotina

jordic/django_tiny_shop 5

A Django Tiny Shop

jordic/aiofsearch 4

aiohttp + preact + parcel + websockets. Search your local files on the browser with the silver searcher

jordic/angular-tmpo-seed 1

Our angular seed and gulp config

jordic/congo 1

Conference Management Software for Conference Organizers


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