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jordam A collection of quick scripts I hope can help others.

jordam/Portify.JS 155

A pure javascript method to port playlists between spotify and google all access music.

jordam/ezportify 19

A cross platform tool to copy playlists from spotify to google play

jordam/demonbugger 4

DemonWare Network Protocol Debugger

jordam/AmongUsDiscordBot 1

Among Us Kill / Exile aware voice channel bot. Mute / move dead players to dead voice chat

jordam/amqp-discover 1

Tool to discover channels on an amqp / rabbitmq server

jordam/PyBulk 1

Bulk API in Python (With login reconnect and slight upgrades)

jordam/accept-a-payment 0

Learn how to accept a payment from customers around the world with a variety of payment methods.

jordam/ESP8266-Apex-Relay 0

Wireless relay integration for Neptune Apex