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joranbeasley/bokeh_wordcloud2 5

a bokeh implementation of

joranbeasley/Flask-CoderPad 4

A simple tool to provide a shared coding pad(over the internet) .... presumably for interviews

joranbeasley/mobileComm 2

Senior Design Project

joranbeasley/CS_383_GROUP_7 1

group 7 git repository

joranbeasley/django_simplestore 1

a simple shopping portal app designed for django

joranbeasley/kivy 1

Open source software library for creating NUI applications, running on Windows, Linux, MacOSX, Android

joranbeasley/apicurio-studio 0

Open Source API Design

push eventConSol/docker-headless-vnc-container

Sven Nierlein

commit sha 628bc41badc90ce060df8254cc02b590df03cd9b

update readme

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issue openedConSol/docker-headless-vnc-container

Cannot build dockefile

Tag 1.4.0, 1.3.0 Short overview Due to the expiration of, the package is not downloaded and the docker file build fails. Detailed error description on ubuntu dockerfiles

Install TigerVNC server

gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file
tar: Child returned status 1
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

on centos dockerfiles

Install TigerVNC server
--2021-05-07 07:07:40--
Resolving (,,, ...
Connecting to (||:443... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 403 Forbidden
2021-05-07 07:07:41 ERROR 403: Forbidden.

Additional content I used original dockerfiles.

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issue openedpyeve/eve

[BUG] Etag verification fails if force_auth_field_projection=True

On put requests to replace existing objects, I am getting “412 - Client and server etags don't match”, even if-match header is correctly set. I tried to debug the root cause of the problem. Wanted to explain my findings.

This happens only on endpoints which auth_field is enabled.

My findings:

On line 138;

original = get_document(

When force_auth_field_projection=True -> get_document() function forces to add projection ={ ‘auth_field’ :1} to pymongo query (it is exact added at io/ line 511: if force_auth_field_projection: fields[auth_field] = 1). This causes pymongo to return original item, only with fields _id and auth_field.

On line 120;

etag = document.get(
             config.ETAG, document_etag(document, ignore_fields=ignore_fields))

Object before document.get() in line 120; (Original object has 10+ fields including _etag, but it contains only id and auth field because of force_auth_field_projection=True)

  '_id': ObjectId('6092e319f17d74634b081df2'), 
  ‘auth_field': ObjectId('5f401f37917546325003ba46’),
   '_updated': datetime.datetime(1970, 1, 1, 0, 0), 
  '_created': datetime.datetime(1970, 1, 1, 0, 0)

As I mentioned on top, returned item only have _id and auth_field and not _etag; .get() cant find current _etag value in document item and tries to calculate it from document_etag() function, but document item doesnt have all fields, causes_etag value to be calculated incorrectly, Then I get error 412 etag values doesnt match.

When debugging I manually override force_auth_field_projection=True to False, PUT request runs without any error.

Expected Behavior

PUT requests with auth_field enabled endpoints, should be successful, if _etag value is correctly set in IF-Match header.

Actual Behavior

Getting “412 - Client and server etags don't match” on endpoints which auth_field is enabled, even if-match header is correct.


  • Python version: 3.8
  • Eve version: 1.1.5

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PR opened metachris/logzero

Update watchdog to 2.1.0

This PR updates watchdog from 0.10.3 to 2.1.0.

<details> <summary>Changelog</summary>



2021-05-04 • `full history &lt;;`__

- [inotify] Simplify ``libc`` loading (`776 &lt;;`_)
- [mac] Add support for non-recursive watches in ``FSEventsEmitter`` (`779 &lt;;`_)
- [watchmedo] Add support for ``--debug-force-*`` arguments to ``tricks`` (`781 &lt;;`_)
- Thanks to our beloved contributors: CCP-Aporia, aodj, UnitedMarsupials, BoboTiG



2021-04-22 • `full history &lt;;`__

- [mac] Use ``logger.debug()`` instead of ```` (`774 &lt;;`_)
- Updated documentation links (`777 &lt;;`_)
- Thanks to our beloved contributors: globau, imba-tjd, BoboTiG



2021-02-22 • `full history &lt;;`__

- [mac] Add missing exception objects (`766 &lt;;`_)
- Thanks to our beloved contributors: CCP-Aporia, BoboTiG



2021-02-17 • `full history &lt;;`__

- [mac] Fix a segmentation fault when dealing with unicode paths (`763 &lt;;`_)
- Moved the CI from Travis-CI to GitHub Actions (`764 &lt;;`_)
- Thanks to our beloved contributors: SamSchott, BoboTiG



2021-02-11 • `full history &lt;;`__

- Avoid deprecated ``PyEval_InitThreads`` on Python 3.7+ (`746 &lt;;`_)
- [inotify] Add support for ``IN_CLOSE_WRITE`` events. A ``FileCloseEvent`` event will be fired. Note that ``IN_CLOSE_NOWRITE`` events are not handled to prevent much noise. (`184 &lt;;`_, `#245 &lt;;`_, `#280 &lt;;`_, `#313 &lt;;`_, `#690 &lt;;`_)
- [inotify] Allow to stop the emitter multiple times (`760 &lt;;`_)
- [mac] Support coalesced filesystem events (`734 &lt;;`_)
- [mac] Drop support for macOS 10.12 and earlier (`750 &lt;;`_)
- [mac] Fix an issue when renaming an item changes only the casing (`750 &lt;;`_)
- Thanks to our beloved contributors: bstaletic, lukassup, ysard, SamSchott, CCP-Aporia, BoboTiG



2020-12-18 • `full history &lt;;`__

- Wheels are published for GNU/Linux, macOS and Windows (`739 &lt;;`_)
- [mac] Fix missing ``event_id`` attribute in ``fsevents`` (`721 &lt;;`_)
- [mac] Return byte paths if a byte path was given in ``fsevents`` (`726` &lt;;`_)
- [mac] Add compatibility with old macOS versions (`733` &lt;;`_)
- Uniformize event for deletion of watched dir (`727 &lt;;`_)
- Thanks to our beloved contributors: SamSchott, CCP-Aporia, di, BoboTiG



2020-12-10 • Fix version with good metadatas.



2020-12-10 • `full history &lt;;`__

- Versioning is now following the `semver &lt;;`_
- Drop support for Python 2.7, 3.4 and 3.5
- [mac] Regression fixes for native ``fsevents`` (`717 &lt;;`_)
- [windows] ``winapi.BUFFER_SIZE`` now defaults to ``64000`` (instead of ``2048``) (`700 &lt;;`_)
- [windows] Introduced ``winapi.PATH_BUFFER_SIZE`` (defaults to ``2048``) to keep the old behavior with path-realted functions (`700 &lt;;`_)
- Use ``pathlib`` from the standard library, instead of pathtools (`556 &lt;;`_)
- Allow file paths on Unix that don&#39;t follow the file system encoding (`703 &lt;;`_)
- Removed the long-time deprecated ``events.LoggingFileSystemEventHandler`` class, use ``LoggingEventHandler`` instead
- Thanks to our beloved contributors: SamSchott, bstaletic, BoboTiG, CCP-Aporia



2020-11-21 • `full history &lt;;`__

- Add ``logger`` parameter for the ``LoggingEventHandler`` (`676 &lt;;`_)
- Replace mutable default arguments with ``if None`` implementation (`677 &lt;;`_)
- Expand tests to Python 2.7 and 3.5-3.10 for GNU/Linux, macOS and Windows
- [mac] Performance improvements for the ``fsevents`` module (`680 &lt;;`_)
- [mac] Prevent compilation of ``watchdog_fsevents.c`` on non-macOS machines (`687 &lt;;`_)
- [watchmedo] Handle shutdown events from ``SIGTERM`` and ``SIGINT`` more reliably (`693 &lt;;`_)
- Thanks to our beloved contributors: Sraw, CCP-Aporia, BoboTiG, maybe-sybr


<details> <summary>Links</summary>

  • PyPI:
  • Changelog:
  • Repo:
  • Docs: </details>
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push eventmetachris/logzero


commit sha 269c1ac83d6b5707a1b388309a09c9936e94ff51

Update watchdog from 0.10.3 to 2.1.0

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create barnchmetachris/logzero

branch : pyup-update-watchdog-0.10.3-to-2.1.0

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pull request commentbennylope/django-organizations

Fix copy/paste issues in views/

@bennylope Could you please cut a release that includes this?


comment created time in 4 days

issue commentsqlcipher/sqlcipher

m1 mac have question

Hi @SamKun28 ,

Using an M1 running Big Sur 11.3 with Xcode 12.5, I was able to run your configure command without any errors and did not see the error you mention here, that arm64-apple is not recognized.

Your output mentions Darwin 20.3.0 -- that refers to Big Sur version 11.2, can you check your macOS version? It might also help to make sure you are using the latest Xcode as well.

Note: subsequently calling make after the above configure command succeeds will fail, we need to include the frameworks System and Foundation in the LDFLAGS during configure for that to work.

Using this configure command:

./configure \
 --enable-tempstore=yes \
 --with-crypto-lib=commoncrypto \
 LDFLAGS="-framework Security -framework Foundation"

I was able to then build successfully with make.

Note that you might want additional LDFLAGS besides Framework and Security, if you want to run the tests (tcl) or want readline support for the shell, e.g.

LDFLAGS="-framework Security -framework Foundation -lreadline -ltcl8.5"

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issue openedbennylope/django-organizations

Tag missing for 2.0.0

There is no tag on the repository for 2.0.0— please git push --tags 🙂

created time in 4 days

issue openedsqlcipher/sqlcipher

m1 mac have question

Expected Behavior

Actual Behavior

M1 macbookpro pod install

SQLCipher version:4.4.3


checking build system type... Invalid configuration arm64-apple-darwin20.3.0': machinearm64-apple' not recognized configure: error: /bin/sh ./config.sub arm64-apple-darwin20.3.0 failed

created time in 5 days

PR opened jmcarp/flask-apispec

Support for Flask-httpauth #191

Added support for Flask-httpauth

Can enable httpauth by the below configuration 'APISPEC_AUTH': { 'ENABLED': True, 'USERNAME': '<username>', 'PASSWORD': '<password>' }

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pr created time in 5 days

pull request commentjmcarp/flask-apispec

Implemented Flask-httpauth fixes #191

Let me raise a new pull request


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issue closedsqlcipher/sqlcipher

github SQLCipher build old version I need latest

SQLCipher version: I download latest version

$ ./configure --enable-tempstore=yes CFLAGS="-DSQLITE_HAS_CODEC" \ LDFLAGS="-lcrypto"

$ make

It's work but build sqlcipher version 3.34.1 I need build sqlcipher version 4.4.3

closed time in 8 days


issue commentsqlcipher/sqlcipher

github SQLCipher build old version I need latest

Looks like you're outputting the SQLite version instead of the SQLCipher version. You'll want to use PRAGMA cipher_version; to view the SQLCipher version.

We reserve GitHub issues for reporting bugs/defects within SQLCipher. Please post to the SQLCipher discussion forum with any other queries.


comment created time in 8 days

issue openedsqlcipher/sqlcipher

github SQLCipher build old version I need latest

SQLCipher version: I download latest version

$ ./configure --enable-tempstore=yes CFLAGS="-DSQLITE_HAS_CODEC" \ LDFLAGS="-lcrypto"

$ make

It's work but build sqlcipher version 3.34.1 I need build sqlcipher version 4.4.3

created time in 8 days

issue closedjmcarp/flask-apispec

Possible to decorate with marshal_with many=True and many=False ?

I have endpoints that are capably of returning a single item, or a list of many, depending on the query paramters. However I cannot seem to use the marshal_with to properly annotate that. What I want to do is soemthing like

class ClientResource(flask_apispec.views.MethodResource):

    @flask_apispec.marshal_with(ClientOutputSchema(many=True), code=200)
    @flask_apispec.marshal_with(ClientOutputSchema(many=False), code=200)
    def get(self, **kwargs):
        if 'id' in kwargs:
            query = ...

        return query.all() if many else query.first()

However this only uses the outermost decorator (many=True in this case). Is this type if response marshaling supported?

closed time in 9 days


issue commentjmcarp/flask-apispec

Possible to decorate with marshal_with many=True and many=False ?

Thank you for the snippet @hiboo. I have since separated out endpoints into single and multiple responses. Having one endpoint able to return different structures never sat right with me anyway, so although it was quite a bit of work, I went ahead and rebuilt everything.


comment created time in 9 days

issue openedbennylope/django-organizations

Why not get organization from session?

Hey there @bennylope This project has been a great learning tool for me to have multi user accounts in my application. While studying it, I found out that the organization is obtained by an url kwarg.

I just thought, wouldn't it be better to get the Organization pk from the session? Because some requests might not necessarily have the Organization pk in the url.

What is a better implementation? Thanks a lot!

created time in 9 days

issue openedbennylope/django-organizations

Custom `AUTH_USER_MODEL` Creates Migration Circular Reference?


I'm having a go at using django-organizations, and I've been getting a circular reference error when attempting to perform migrations, which I believe I can trace back to django-organizations and using a custom AUTH_USER_MODEL.

I say 'I believe' because I'm not 100% sure that I haven't done something incorrectly, but having read the documentation on using a custom user model and proxy models, I think I've covered myself...

I've included a set of steps to reproduce below which should hopefully demonstrate that either I'm doing something woefully wrong, or there's something weird going on with custom user models.

If you need any more information, or if I've stupidly broken it somehow, please let me know. :)

Thanks for your help and your time! - Vector

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create and activate a virtual environment:
    python3 -m venv .venv
    source .venv/bin/activate
  2. Install the following python requirements:
  3. Create a new django project (I've called mine demo) and enter the directory:
    django-admin startproject demo
    cd demo
  4. Create an app called core which will be used for models and migrations
    python3 startapp core
  5. Put the following content into core/
    from django.db import models
    from django.contrib.auth.models import AbstractUser
    from organizations.models import Organization
    from organizations.models import OrganizationUser
    class User(AbstractUser):
        created_at = models.DateTimeField(auto_now_add=True, editable=False)
        updated_at = models.DateTimeField(auto_now_add=True)
        def __str__(self):
            return self.username
    class Tenant(Organization):
        class Meta:
            proxy = True
    class TenantUser(OrganizationUser):
        class Meta:
            proxy = True
  6. Update demo/ to include the organizations and core apps, and set the custom user model:
        # ...
    AUTH_USER_MODEL = 'core.User'
  7. Create the migrations for the project:
    python3 makemigrations
    At this point, I get the first bit of weird output - a migration is created against the organizations module in the virtual environment:
    Migrations for 'organizations':
        - Alter field id on organization
        - Alter field id on organizationinvitation
        - Alter field id on organizationowner
        - Alter field id on organizationuser
    Migrations for 'core':
        - Create proxy model Tenant
        - Create proxy model TenantUser
        - Create model User
  8. Finally, attempt to create the migrations again. This time, I receive a circular reference error, which links back to the previously created migration:
    python3 makemigrations
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    django.db.migrations.exceptions.CircularDependencyError: core.0001_initial, organizations.0001_initial, organizations.0002_model_update, organizations.0003_field_fix_and_editable, organizations.0004_organizationinvitation, organizations.0005_auto_20210430_0635

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issue commentjmcarp/flask-apispec

Possible to decorate with marshal_with many=True and many=False ?

According to OpenAPI specification, the only way to document a route which can return different schemas is by using oneOf keyword to indicate that the response may be a list or a single item.

You could use marshmallow-oneofschema library to be able to create a "super" schema which is a oneOf of a single or list schemas and combine with apispec-oneofschema to generate the openapi documentation accordingly

However, after trying to do it myself and looking at the library you have no way to create a OneOfSchema which could do what you want (doing a oneof between a single schema and a list of schema).

Following snippet of code may help you

from marshmallow import Schema
from marshmallow.fields import String
from marshmallow_oneofschema import OneOfSchema

class Item(Schema):
    foo = String()

class ItemOrList(OneOfSchema):
    type_schemas = {"single": Item, "list": Item(many=True)}

    def get_obj_type(self, obj):
        if isinstance(obj, list):
            return "list"
            return "single"

ItemOrList().dump([{"foo": "ok"}, {"foo": "ok"}])
# This is not doing what you expect
# You got: {"type": "list"}

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issue commentsqlcipher/sqlcipher

Swift Package Manager Support

@sjlombardo actually community liked it a lot and it passed already reviews and revisions and is now accepted state. Can you double check that prebuild tools provided in accepted proposal will be enough to make SQLCipher to SPM. Probably will take a year till it will be released, but its a good news it got accepted.


comment created time in 9 days

issue commentsqlcipher/sqlcipher

Swift Package Manager Support

Unfortunately I don't have any good news here. We looked into this in detail, but the lack of any pre-processing mechanism in Swift Package manager is a deal breaker. We do not really want to maintain and manage a separate amalgamated copy of SQLCipher and the related requisite headers separately from the official sources.

My suggestion at this point would be that anyone interested in supporting this should go and log a request with Swift Package manager to support a pre-preprocessing mechanism. Perhaps this might be a good thread to comment on, as it proposes an extension mechanism, and a prebuild facility:

If enough people support this sort of feature it might be added to Swift Package manager in the future. This sort of thing is really a critical feature for a package manager to leave out, since it rules out using it with many more complex projects that include code-preprocessing, assembly, etc.

We will leave this issue open for now. If Swift Package manager adds this important feature in the future we'd be happy to reconsider hosting a Package.swift.


comment created time in 11 days

issue commentsqlcipher/sqlcipher

Swift Package Manager Support

@sjlombardo any updates on that?


comment created time in 12 days

PR opened xiaoxiao921/Lead

Convert to use JVL

Converted iDeath's Lead mod to use JVL.

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pr created time in 13 days

issue openedmrooney/mintapi

mfa/login issues

I've been having difficulty lately with getting any type of automated mfa working. Sometimes the image captcha shows up, and sometimes it doesn't. I'm trying to use email with a gmail/imap but I don't know if thats possible because of ssl? Is there anyone who has this working today?


created time in 15 days

push eventmetachris/logzero


commit sha c6c8d6afdfc29bba19d8ea3d4c057078d9cd209e

Update watchdog from 0.10.3 to 2.0.3

view details

push time in 15 days

create barnchmetachris/logzero

branch : pyup-update-watchdog-0.10.3-to-2.0.3

created branch time in 15 days

issue openedarthay/react-color-gradient-picker

Mouse position is calculated in reference to the window

I'm using the component in a draggable fixed div, when the drag occurs in horizontal the mouse position is bad calculated . exemple in:

created time in 16 days