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jonwaller/bitvis 16

Springy physics-enabled graph of bitcoin addresses and transactions between them.

jonwaller/Bitcoin-Microformats 12

Google chrome extension. Detects Bitcoin microformat data in web pages. Pull requests very welcome.

jonwaller/Safecast-ClickCounter 5

Android app for Previously at

jonwaller/weusecoinsjp-website 4

Source HTML files for the website.

jonwaller/howtobuycryptocoinsinfo-website 2

Repo for

jonwaller/hubot-scripts 1

optional scripts for hubot, opt in via hubot-scripts.json

jonwaller/ 1

HTML and resources for my profile website. (PHP)

jonwaller/SmartieIQ 1

A program to solve IQ test puzzles (Initially number sequence puzzles.)