jonathanxia/AlgorithmLib 6

A library for math and algorithms.

gkswamy98/intuit-mlab-sp18 1

Code and work for SP18 Intuit-ML@B Project on determining important personal finance terms and their relationships.

jacob14916/mathchat 1

Math chat using Meteor + MathJax

dssd1001/HomeSafe 0

CalHacks 3.0 Project

jonathanxia/AlgorithmVisualizer 0

Algorithm Visualizer

jonathanxia/base16-vim 0

Base16 for Vim

jonathanxia/jupyterlab-vim 0

:neckbeard: Vim notebook cell bindings for JupyterLab

jonathanxia/markdown-toc 0

Creates a table of contents for markdown

jonathanxia/ 0

outcry online card game

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commit sha 4a86d23aca9c5d1928bceae46b494eb8c699c7be

Update version of cmake

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Jonathan Xia

commit sha 8318baf3eadc0ea2ddad721c8c67d66b683bece0

Use incsearch for vim

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Jonathan Xia

commit sha a19c4de3662ac12798be243d2b966c7f41fb45d2

latex itemize bindings

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Jonathan Xia

commit sha 83ed6fcce4f61a606c36863cd343346ee489077f

Added mypy nmap

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Jonathan Xia

commit sha 0f2f3b6d1842ab4adf6157d37977bb7f6c35c2e3

Added check insert

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Jonathan Xia

commit sha eec7df1d5155df392f3d704ba24d655731ada164

Switch from pdflatex to latexmk

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