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John P. Neumann johnpneumann Chicago, IL

sorin-ionescu/prezto 12314

The configuration framework for Zsh

belak/prezto-contrib 95

A set of additional plugins designed to work easily with prezto

johnpneumann/Fortune-OSX 6

Just use homebrew. -- Archived -- Fortune done right on OSX. Fixes issues from ThinkyHead Softwares port of it not recognizing fortune <file> or fortune -f

johnpneumann/cookiecutter-py 2

An opinionated cookiecutter for python packages.

johnpneumann/portable-maya-prefs 2

A way of saving/loading your maya preferences for portability.

johnpneumann/MarkdownClerk 1

A basic markdown generator specifically to track projects.

johnpneumann/maya-file-folder-watcher 1

A semi-terrible idea by a young man with no experience!

johnpneumann/vim-setup 1

A poorly named, backup solution for vim plugins: Making vim updates less painful and more awesome.

johnpneumann/dotfiles 0

Just another dotfiles repo. Because that's what the world needs right now.

johnpneumann/johnp-snippets 0

UltiSnips Snippets for VIM


push eventjohnpneumann/johnp-snippets

John P. Neumann

commit sha e1b255e12bec60bb9e3f44194ae512f225a60962

Fixes the date at the end of the c doc snippet

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