johnl johnlunney Zürich, Switzerland Site Reliability Engineer

johnlunney/Avara-1 1

Port of the original 1996 game from Ambrosia Software.

johnlunney/acidforth 0

Software synthesizer and sequencer programming language

johnlunney/Avara 0

Avara game, originally published in 1996 for MacOS.

johnlunney/awesome-sre 0

A curated list of awesome Site Reliability and Production Engineering resources.

johnlunney/caliper 0

Micro-benchmarking library for Java

johnlunney/Carp 0

A statically typed lisp, without a GC, for high performance applications.

johnlunney/ccynthmata 0

Generalized module for creating WebMIDI CC Controllers

johnlunney/cel-spec 0

Common Expression Language -- specification and binary representation

johnlunney/Cello 0

Higher level programming in C


started time in 6 days


started time in 6 days