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jf/rbenv-gemset 628

KISS yet powerful gem / gemset management for rbenv

blahlicus/animus-family 74

keyboard firmware family for arduino compatible atmega u series microcontrollers

advance2030/advance2030 11

The new Cleveland 20/30 Club Website.

joefiorini/blog-starter-kit 9

Starter Kit for developers using Ruby on Rails to quickly get a blog up & running and then add features.

adomokos/js_testing 1

JavaScript Testing Project for CleRB

joefiorini/authy 1

A mini-DSL for authorization brought to you by your friends at densitypop.


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issue openedcompodoc/compodoc

[BUG] Cannot parse import .html files

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Overview of the issue

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This is the same problem as in #921, #317, #1018, #637, namely, all of our components directly import html templates as strings rather than using the templateUrl property (we are NOT using angular-cli). A failing component looks like the following:


import { Input, Component } from '@angular/core'

import template from './example.component.html'

  selector: 'example',
export class ExampleComponent {
Unhandled Rejection at: Promise {
  <rejected> TypeError: Cannot read property 'kind' of undefined
      at Object.isArrayLiteralExpression (/home/joe/src/sandbox/compodoc-reproduction/node_modules/@ts-morph/common/dist/typescript.js:27423:21)
      at SymbolHelper.parseSymbols (/home/joe/src/sandbox/compodoc-reproduction/node_modules/@compodoc/compodoc/dist/index-cli-32a621dc.js:7792:24)
      at /home/joe/src/sandbox/compodoc-reproduction/node_modules/@compodoc/compodoc/dist/index-cli-32a621dc.js:7827:62
      at (<anonymous>)
      at SymbolHelper.getSymbolDeps (/home/joe/src/sandbox/compodoc-reproduction/node_modules/@compodoc/compodoc/dist/index-cli-32a621dc.js:7827:30)
      at ComponentHelper.getComponentTemplate (/home/joe/src/sandbox/compodoc-reproduction/node_modules/@compodoc/compodoc/dist/index-cli-32a621dc.js:7866:35)
      at ComponentDepFactory.create (/home/joe/src/sandbox/compodoc-reproduction/node_modules/@compodoc/compodoc/dist/index-cli-32a621dc.js:8269:35)
      at visitDecorator (/home/joe/src/sandbox/compodoc-reproduction/node_modules/@compodoc/compodoc/dist/index-cli-32a621dc.js:8820:95)
      at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
      at parseNode (/home/joe/src/sandbox/compodoc-reproduction/node_modules/@compodoc/compodoc/dist/index-cli-32a621dc.js:8938:64)
Operating System, Node.js, npm, compodoc version(s)

<!-- provide all information we need --> 1.1.14

Angular configuration, a package.json file in the root folder

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Compodoc installed globally or locally ?


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If possible sourcecode of the file where it breaks

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Setup following the documentation exactly...

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If possible your terminal logs before the error

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create barnchjoefiorini/compodoc-repro-example

branch : main

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created repositoryjoefiorini/compodoc-repro-example

Just a reproduceable example of a compodoc bug.

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fork joefiorini/typescript-eslint

:sparkles: Monorepo for all the tooling which enables ESLint to support TypeScript

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issue openedpop-os/keyboard-configurator

Support for keyboard macros like Hyper & Meh keys

I have an Ergo Dox EZ that I've configured with ZSA's Oryx (not the laptop) interface. It generates a QMK firmware file that I can then flash to my keyboard. It supports many features of QMK that aren't present here, the big one is the ability to make modifier combo keys where a single key can act as multiple modifiers. For example, I use the Hyper key which is Super+Ctrl+Alt+Shift. However, I don't have this on my oryp7's keyboard. It would be awesome if I could though! Does the Oryx Pro's built in keyboard actually run QMK? Would something like this be a possibility?

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issue commentalexherbo2/

Working with Kitty and kcr

@alecStewart1 Unrelated to the issue at hand, but as the author of the original code I just wanted to point out that the built-in kitty support now uses the launch command and accepts additional parameters to pass on to kitty. You can now simply do `:terminal --location=vsplit", etc. and it will "just work". I've been updating my configs to do that, hopefully will publish it eventually.


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fork joefiorini/doom-emacs

An Emacs framework for the stubborn martian hacker

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fork joefiorini/kakoune.el

A very simple simulation of the kakoune editor inside of emacs.

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