Jocelyn jocelynmallon Southern California

jocelynmallon/zshmarks 200

A port of Bashmarks (simple bookmarking plugin by Todd Werth) for oh-my-zsh

jocelynmallon/apkmanager 46

A port of the "infamous" APK Manager for Mac OS X!

jocelynmallon/sublime-text-2-marked 38

A simple Sublime Text 2 package to preview markdown files with from your 'tools' menu

jocelynmallon/macvim 2

MacVim with file browser

jocelynmallon/sublime-text-2-sourcetree 2

A simple Sublime Text 2 package to open from your 'tools' menu

jocelynmallon/bullet-train-oh-my-zsh-theme 1

A oh-my-zsh shell theme based on the Powerline Vim plugin

jocelynmallon/language-pseudo 1

pseudocode grammar for atom

jocelynmallon/GraphingCalculator 0

A JavaFX based, GUI graphing calculator.

jocelynmallon/homebrew-cask 0

A CLI workflow for the administration of Mac applications distributed as binaries

jocelynmallon/neovim-dot-app 0

Mac OS X GUI for Neovim