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jocamero/SiriProxy-NestLearningThermostat 1

SiriProxy plugin to connect to Nest (based on SiriProxy-Thermostat)

jocamero/homebridge-roomba2 0

Homebridge plugin to connect iRobot Roomba devices with Homebridge/HomeKit.

jocamero/nest-api 0

Nest Learning Thermostat API

jocamero/obs-mac-virtualcam 0

Creates a virtual webcam device from the output of OBS. Especially useful for streaming smooth, composited video into Zoom, Hangouts, Jitsi etc. Like obs-virtualcam but for macOS.

jocamero/SiriProxy-Thermostat 0

A plugin for SiriProxy that controls a RadioThermostat thermostat

fork DouweM/investpy

Financial Data Extraction from with Python

fork in 10 hours

created repositoryplamoni/atsroids

Created with StackBlitz ⚡️

created time in 6 days


started time in 20 days

fork gboudreau/plaid-sdk-php

PHP bindings for the Plaid API

fork in a month


started time in a month

fork DouweM/awesome-apache-airflow

Curated list of resources about Apache Airflow

fork in a month

fork plamoni/ngu-carousel

Angular Universal carousel

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created repositorygboudreau/dropinambour

Requests manager for Plex

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