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jmhofer/rxjava-akka 36

Attempt at a bridge from RxJava to Akka and vice versa.

jmhofer/scala-concurrency-playground 34

A playground for comparing various approaches to Scala concurrency

jmhofer/eCobertura 18

This is just a mirror of the bitbucket repo!

jmhofer/rxjava-libgdx 15

libGDX module for RxJava

jcranky/scalatron 7

Scalatron, a multi-player programming game in which coders pit bot programs (written in Scala) against each other

jmhofer/activator-libgdx-rxscala 6

Typesafe Activator template and tutorial for libGDX projects using RxScala.

jmhofer/rxjava-samples 4

RxJava Samples

jmhofer/bnd4sbt 1

BND plugin for SBT

jmhofer/rust-row4 1

a simple row4 experiment in Rust

jmhofer/advanced-scala 0

Source code for Advanced Scala with Cats