Joona Lehtomäki jlehtoma Helsinki A post-doctoral researcher in conservation science and decision-making, interested in how people and nature work.

apoikola/avoindata-opaskirja 5

Julkinen data oppaan versiot ja käännökset

jlehtoma/CDDA 1

Nationally designated [protected] areas (CDDA) data related drake workflow

jlehtoma/2015-11-10-idiv-dplyr-tidyr 0

Workshop: Simplifying data manipulation with R (iDiv, Leipzig)

jlehtoma/2015-11-10-idiv-git-github 0

Workshop: Version control for more effective collaboration - Introducing Git and GitHub (iDiv, Leipzig)

jlehtoma/2016-10-04-Uni-Neuchatel-notes 0

Lesson notes for the Data Carpentry workshop at the University of Neuchatel

jlehtoma/2018-04-04-UH-workflowshop 0

Slides and materials for workflowshop at University of Helsinki

jlehtoma/advanced-shiny 0

Shiny tips & tricks for improving your apps and solving common problems

jlehtoma/analyze-rise-report 0

Descriptive analysis of the RISE report from the European Comission

issue closedcbig/zonation-core

Compiling Zonation on Ubuntu 20.04


I realise that the current build from source version is for Ubuntu 14.04. Has there been any effort to update these for more recent releases? Great software so it would nice to be able to build it on linux.



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issue commentcbig/zonation-core

Compiling Zonation on Ubuntu 20.04

Unfortunately no, AFAIK there hasn't been an effort to update Zonation v4 to a more recent release. Right now Docker might be your best option, have a look at this issue if you haven't already.


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