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Jessie Keck jkeck @incloudcounsel San Mateo, CA

geoblacklight/geoblacklight 117

Discovery platform for GIS data.

iiif-prezi/osullivan 27

IIIF Presentation API for Ruby

geoblacklight/geomonitor 14


jkeck/make-me-a-gif 14

Simple ruby script to take in a .mov file and turn it into a gif

awead/solr_ead 10

A gem for indexing ead documents into Solr

ebsco/edsapi-ruby 6

A Ruby interface to the EBSCO Discovery Services API

jkeck/blacklight_dates2svg 2

Generates a month SVG grid for date facet data from Blacklight

jkeck/c4l13_javascript_testing 1

Demo application for the Code4Lib Javascript / Browser Integration Testing with Ruby talk at Code4Lib 2013 in Chicago

camillevilla/release-drafter-test 0

For testing out