Jake Ingman jingman Big Red Desk Saint Paul, MN

jingman/two-color-3d-effect-css 15

A way to stack different colored shadows to create a 3d effect for text or boxes.

jingman/chrome-extension-republish-typekit-kits 2

This is the source for a Chrome extension I cooked up that adds a "Republish All Kits" button to your Typekit header.

Pinoccio/browser-serialport 2

Robots in the browser. Just like node-serialport but for browser/chrome apps.

jingman/bootstrap 1

HTML, CSS, and JS toolkit from Twitter

jingman/Dribbble-Tweaks 1

Tweaks, in the form of browser extensions, to Dribbble (

jingman/html5-boilerplate 1

starting html/css template. so much goodness baked in by default

Pinoccio/app-android-serial 1

serial console app for pinoccios connected to android phones via usb host cable (otg)

jingman/action 0

Free online agile retrospective meeting tool

jingman/angular-mapbox 0

AngularJS directive to embed an interactive Leaflet OpenStreetMaps to your application


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