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Jim Browne jimbrowne 42 Lines, Inc. Bay Area, CA

jimbrowne/awstools 50

Collection of handy scripts for working with Amazon's Web Services

jimbrowne/aws-sts-helpers 19

Helper scripts for working with temporary and MFA credentials from the AWS STS service

jimbrowne/apache-crowd-cookie 4

Apache access handler that uses cookies and Atlassian's Crowd

jimbrowne/cookbooks 4

Opscode Cookbooks for Chef

jimbrowne/munin-mysql 2

Improved MySQL Graphs for Munin

jimbrowne/boto 1

Python interface to Amazon Web Services

jimbrowne/fpm 1

Effing package managers! Build packages for multiple platforms (deb, rpm, etc) with great ease and sanity.

jimbrowne/opscode-packages 1

Packages of Opscode Software for various platforms

jimbrowne/pynagios 1

Python library for writing Nagios plugins

fork jimbrowne/onewire-prom-exporter

Prometheus exporter for sensors using OneWire library

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