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Jiahao Chen jiahao JPMorgan Chase & Co. New York AI Research Director @jpmorganchase. Research Scientist at MIT CSAIL @JuliaLabs working on @JuliaLang

JeffBezanson/phdthesis 132

phd thesis document source

jiahao/backus-dijkstra-letters-1979 93

Images and text transcripts of the correspondence between John Backus and Edsger Dijkstra, 1978-1979. Ref:

jiahao/ArbRadixFloatingPoints.jl 4

Floating point numbers with arbitrary radixes (may be negative or nonreal)

jiahao/BigFinance.jl 4

Analysis of high frequency quantitative data in Julia

andreasnoack/JuliaBlas.jl 3

Experiments with BLAS in Julia+llvmcall

jiahao/awesome-public-datasets 2

An awesome list of high-quality open datasets in public domains (on-going).

jiahao/dss-juliaintro 2

A introduction to Julia through a data analysis use case

jiahao/academic-kickstart 1

Easily create a beautiful website using Academic and Hugo


started time in 2 months


started time in 2 months