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Jim Hildensperger jhildensperger @TheBrewery Amsterdam, NL

jhildensperger/Card-iOS 5

A sweet credit card input view inspired by

jhildensperger/CedarShortcuts 1

Xcode 4 plugin for Kiwi focused specs

jhildensperger/MCSegmentedControl 1

subclass of UISegmentedControl with custom colors

jhildensperger/AFNetworking 0

A delightful iOS and OS X networking framework

jhildensperger/AlesExpress 0

Ales unlimited beer delivery

jhildensperger/APNS-Pusher 0

A simple cocoa app to send pushes via APNS

jhildensperger/bleak 0

Ghost Theme

jhildensperger/CocoaAsyncSocket 0

Asynchronous socket networking library for Mac and iOS