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jean-françois lefebvre jflefebvre e-volution Brussels, Belgium PHP freelance web developer (Symfony/Laravel), vanilla JS. Always learning and experimenting with technologies. Currently learning VueJS and JAMStack.

jflefebvre/pinterest 27

The script has been working for a long time and it was really cool, but Pinterest prevent webscraping. You should be able to webscrap the first page of pins but not more thant that. -- A PHP and casperjs scripts to webscrap and display elegantly your Pinterest with WookMark jQuery plugin -- The script

jflefebvre/mvoauthphpapi 4

Mobile vikings API php client

jflefebvre/dodo 2

A todo list webapp based on Zend framework (released by Thread affinity)

jflefebvre/ebooksdb 2

Python script helping you to create an sqlite db with your ebooks basic data, and make search easily

jflefebvre/activitystream_pinterest 1

Addon for the drupal activity stream module allowing to import pins from pinterest

jflefebvre/Faker 1

Faker is a PHP library that generates fake data for you

jflefebvre/Zend-Framework-QrCode-Helper 1

Allow to generate Qr Code using google chart API

jflefebvre/activitystream_clear 0

Drupal 6.x module adding a button in the activitystream settings page, allowing to clear all activity streams items imported.

jflefebvre/activitystream_twitter 0

Addon for the drupal 6.x activity stream module allowing to import user tweets from Twitter using API 1.1


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Create and manage invoices in your browser. Serverless Invoices is a free invoicing tool for freelancers and small businesses. Made with Vue.js.

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