Jesus Fernandez jfevia @Microsoft Software Engineer

Chuitox/tibia-low-framerate 3

Tibia Low Framerate or TLF is a tool to decrease the fps of Tibia clients below the official limit

jfevia/adonis-ui 0

Lightweight UI toolkit for WPF applications offering classic but enhanced windows visuals

jfevia/Albion 0

Non-interactive firewall based on WFP (Windows Filtering Platform)

jfevia/ApiClient 0

Coding challenge for Mellon Technologies

jfevia/CarestiaXTEA 0

XTEA Validation

jfevia/Cassiopeia 0

A open source BitTorrent client

jfevia/cs-script 0

C# scripting platform

jfevia/CSHTML5 0

CSHTML5 – also called 'C#/XAML for HTML5' – is the first production-ready solution to make web apps in C# and XAML. It is also the only tool that enables to port existing Silverlight and WPF applications to the web, by compiling C# and XAML files to HTML and JavaScript.