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Jesús jesmg Madrid, Spain Cybersecurity. EA7KGH.

jesmg/RGBLedChoser 3

Modifies the color of an RGB led with arduino via serial port

jesmg/freeipa-lab 1

Local FreeIPA lab environment based on Vagrant

jesmg/osem 1

Open Source Event Manager. An event management tool tailored to Free and Open Source Software conferences.

jesmg/rust-caesar-api 1

Microservice exposing API endpoints for doing Caesar encryption and decryption

HackLab-Almeria/alboran-island-map 0

Python scripts and documentation for generating topographically accurate Minecraft maps from GIS .tif maps

jesmg/ansible-freeipa 0

Ansible roles and modules for FreeIPA

issue commentearnaud/MetaShARK-v2

Reporting: container can't be build with podman

I want to review this issue, maybe the next week I have time for it. But I don't know about R.

Probably the solution for this issue is "not assuming you are root inside the container, installing everything in the user space."


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issue commenthashicorp/terraform-provider-vault

Feature request: Revoke cert automatically when `vault_pki_secret_backend_cert` resource is destroyed.

I have been using Vault as PKI since this issue was opened (three instances, in fact) and still thinking this feature is important to have


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