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issue closedgusgard/react-native-swiper-flatlist

Feature Request: priorotize loading current index

Would it be possible to make the swiper priorotize first loading the item that is on current starting index provided in props, followed by loading adjacent ones?

I think this would greatly enhance user experience for most people.

My items in the swiper are pretty hefty components with many subparts so they take some time to load..

I'm not sure how easy this would be to do, but it would most definitely be helpful I think.

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issue openedaksonov/react-native-router-flux

Modal scene swipe down does not work on Android

I have a Modal scene which I can swipe down successfully on iOS to go back to the previous scene. But the exact same code does not work on Android. I have a back button which still works for Android, but swipe down is not working....

Anyone else encountered this issue?

  • react-native-router-flux v4.2.0
  • react v16.11.0
  • react-native v0.62.2

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